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I know that I've messed up babe, and I'm sorry. But I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you. I love you girl, more than anything else in this whole entire world. You are the only one for me. I Love You. Baby, I wanna let you know that I've done basically and almost everything you've wanted. It took about 3 months, but I think it's pretty good considering all that I have accomplished. The agency pretty much trusts me now so they call me at least 1-3 times a week to work. And the place where they send me pays $9.25 an hour, so in an average week I make $65-$200. Sometimes it's not a lot but it's enough to be able to take you out to dinner, the movies, even a day at Disneyland my love. And my permit is almost as good as a license, the only thing I can't do is drive by myself, but we don't have an extra car anyways. But I promise I wont stop there, I will get my license. Right now I can drive with anyone with a valid license, that means you babe, and I'm gettin pretty good at driving stick. Not only work babe but school, I work and do school, and I'm doin good babe. I got an A so far in my computer class, which is why I can do this. My Nino Art is helping me look into Sonography schools to do Ultrasound. They make an average of $60,000 a year babe, so I can take care of you, if not at least pull my own weight. I'd have to pass Anatomy though, But if I have you I know I can do it, and I know you know it too. I am smart, but with you I am more. I've really started on getting my life together babe, because of you, thanks to you, and for you. All of this I've done, I've done for you babe, because I love you, and I want you. I've done almost everything you've wanted babe, and I know I've asked you for a lot of little things here and there but I've tried not to ask you for anything too big, you know that. But I ask of you now babe, if you could please forgive me for everything I've done. Especially for allowing this to happen at all. Take me back baby, please. I Love you. Let me love you again, let me show you that I am and always have been the one for you. I promise I will never hurt you, ever again. P.S. Just so you know how deeply I love you baby, and I know you will understand what I mean, words can never ever express how much I love you. Even when they come out the wrong way babe, I always love you. I would love to be with you again on my birthday. This web page is dedicated to the love of my life, and our babygirl Alyssa, watching over us in heaven.