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True Love

Babygirl where are you at?

I love you, I hope you know
I think about you everyday
But your momma, she doesn't know
She thinks sometimes I don't care as much
But I love you, you know I do
I would do anything too
If God would bring us back you
I know that he will one day
Just wait for us baby please
Your momma and I need you
Times are tough, but so are we
Doesn't mean that we dont miss you
Especially your mom
We didn't realize what we had done
We missed you as soon as you were gone
If love is something else
Than something else this is
Cuz this, this is TRUE LOVE
For my baby, my daughter, my kid
I love you babygirl
I always wanted a daughter
You'll be as beautiful as your mother
And just as strong as your father
I say goodbye for now
Not long cuz I know soon
Your momma will be pregnant again
And it will be you inside her womb.

We miss you babygirl, We love you. We know we will see you again soon. But be with God for now and be happy baby. Me and your momma are always thinking of you, and always will be until we see you again.  I think your mom wanted you to be Alyssa Rose but I'm not sure, I never told her but I wanted your middle name to be Charlotte for my grandma.  Either way this is for you my love, your momma is my love and you are too.  I've always wanted your mom to keep her last name, because it's who she is and it's who I love so be happy while in heaven Alyssa Charlotte/Rose Garcia-Lozano, wait for us baby.   Muah!

P.S.        The babygirl on the hompage looks like you babe, your eyes, lips, cheeks and nose, with my ears!